Selected Projects’ Brief Descriptions

A few examples of past projects with brief descriptions

My career has been focused on building and improving IT services and systems, so managing projects and programs has almost always been a part of my day-to-day activities.I have earned certifications in Project Management (PMI/PMP) and Services Management (ITIL/ITSM).

Below, I’ve briefly outlined a few examples of  the project-specific functions I’ve performed over the past few years.

√ Launched Cloud-based Content Management Service

Project undertaken to launch online content management service. Project responsibilities included project initiation and charter building and working with stakeholders to settle on scope. Worked with functional managers to clearly define detailed requirements based on carter and scope and develop planned and work breakdown structure. Managed/monitored execution and oversaw change management. Obtained acceptance, identified follow-on issues/items, delivered final report, closed procurements.

√ Initiated In-House Development Systems

Worked with sponsor and determined high-level project goals. Detailed program goals and determined necessary tasks and steps and related costs.  Developed HR requirements and acquisition plan. Develop activities list and schedule. Determined risks and responses. Acquired team.  Managed execution, tweaked processes based on performance. Monitored ongoing execution, controlling scope, maintaining quality, watched schedule. Monitored costs. Secured sign-off (acceptance). Noted lessons learned in development database.

√ Transferred Program Development to India

Determined high-level goals. Collected requirements and def. scope. Created WBS and activities list, and determined schedule, resource requirements and costs. Determined risks and planned remedies. Executed plan: resources procured, code and development status reviews and integrated team development and management. Transfer process required careful monitoring to ensure quality, and maintenance schedule. Some scope changes required to control schedule and costs. Project closed with changes to scope (change control). Excluded tasks transferred to future project. Teams, project-specific resources released.

√ Developed Partnership and Distribution Program

With stakeholders, determined requirements and project outlines, created charter, requirements list. Defined activities and budget, scope and schedule Acted as communications hub. Worked with project groups (teams) to keep in-sync and on-schedule Managed expectations and performed QA. Monitored costs and (output) quality, maintained work congruence with scope.  Reported performance vs. plan and managed change requirements. Closed project (initiation phase work) with outside resources and partners. Documented lessons learned and proto-charter items for follow-on projects. Secured agreement and sign-off.

√ Customer Satisfaction Survey and Study

Identified key stakeholders, agreed upon key success (satisfaction) factors and goals. Worked with sponsor to craft Charter. Completed requirements gathering and verified. Defined scope, picked team and created WBS. Planned communications and methods (email, conference call/WebEx.) Managed and coordinated distributed activities. Managed regular internal coordination. Regularly checked with customers to verify quality/effectiveness of solutions and changes being applied. Documented progress. Held closing presentations and meetings communicating project results. Released resources.

√ Vendor Performance Analysis

Reviewed Contracts, SLA and SOW governing vendor performance. Worked with Sponsor and Stakeholders, determined goals, wrote Charter. Defined activities, schedule and approach to quality management Identified possible risks and remedies. Performed analysis, managed execution, meetings, and communications with sponsors, stakeholders (managing expectations). Monitored ongoing work. Watched for scope creep, deferred activities not in plan. Prepared final reports and closed project, noting items deferred to follow-on. Filed doc’s for later use in follow-on. Released resources.

√ Backup Reliability Metrics Project (project to test, document performance)

Worked with Sponsors, defined high-level goals and delimited inclusions. Researched scope, defined methods, activities. Defined and sequenced activities, developed schedule Identified risks, defined remedies. Built communications plan. Executed plan. Coordinated with remote teams and central admin for activities. Documented and dist. info (coordination and status).  Conducted procurements. Monitored progress for quality, reported progress. Monitored for change (risks) and produced change requirements. Released resources, produced/delivered final reports. Closed procurements.

√ Remote Sites Support Systems and Methods Normalization (remote onsite support procedures and documentation)

Agreed with Sponsor on locations. Met with Stakeholders and functional staff at sites discussed, verified and prioritized concerns and issues. Developed Project Charter, Scope, Project Plan. Estimated activity durations and resources and created schedule Planned communications, risk management and responses. Planned procurements. Finalized and gathered team. Supervised execution at sites. Performed ongoing quality reviews, created weekly review decks and performed change control.  Generated final reports and presented. Closed and released resources. Added new templates to library.

√ Backup Environment Normalization (standardize backup methods/procedures)

Did data and performance analysis and worked with Sponsor to craft high-level goals including locations included and define activities (exclude some remedies). Drafted Charter. Estimated costs, determined Budget and finalized Scope. Created PMP and worked with team to outline tasks and create WBS. Identified risks and planned responses. Planned (equipment) procurements. Hosted and managed ongoing planning and status meetings. Monitored sites status and tested results, verify restored functionality. Initiated changes to schedule due to business needs or procurement delays.

√ Remote Sites Customer Service Reviews Program
(customer by-site satisfaction reviews and remedies)

Worked with Sponsor, defined goals, scope and methods, developed Charter (town meetings). Put together project plan:  formed team and worked with same on WBS, schedules, planned activities, procurements. Managed and supervised communications execution, quality. Managed and executed (scheduling) changes as necessary. Facilitated town hall meetings. Monitored results (quality), outputs (findings reports). Reviewed final reports for input into follow-on Remedies project. Invoices attribution to project. Presented final status and report to stakeholders.

√ Server Refresh and Consolidation

Defined high-level scope, identified sites and servers. Fleshed out PMP: scope, activities, scheduled and communications plan. Identified risks, planned responses. Worked on resources requirements (HR Plan). Planned, supervised, budget and procurements, acquired resources. Supervised execution. Held stakeholder briefings. Performed change control. Reported performance (status). Monitored, adjusted as problems arose (Controlled Risks). Reviewed procurements. Performed final communications on outcomes to stakeholders. Closed procurements. Added new templates to library.

√ NAS Operationalization Project

Worked with sponsor and key functional managers, arrived at clear and achievable goals for initial NAS operations. Output Charter and Scope for remote operations. Defined activities, development schedule and coordinated with parallel Data Center NAS Project on the same. Determined (HR) requirements, estimated cost and budget, folded into PMP. Managed execution of remote operations plan and maintained close communications and coordinated with parallel DC project. Managed communications and made schedule adjustments as necessary. Monitored and reported performance vs. plan, reviewed quality and initiated necessary changes. Distributed final reports and closed.