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Android & Malware

Careful what you install on your Android phone! Per McAfee’s Second Quarter Threat’s Report Android now has the dubious distinction of being the most popular mobile platform for Malware, with almost two-thirds of all new mobile platform threats identified during the second quarter. The most likely vector is malicious or compromised apps. Once installed, they might start sending expensive SMS messages or sending your personal data out to the bad guys. Or they might set about installing other bad software onto your phone.

Java ME, Symbian and Blackberry were distant also-rans, together comprising about a third of the total new mobile platform malware exploits discovered in Q2 2011. There were none encountered on the iPhone, one powerful advantage of Apple’s App Store model, with its monitoring and app review process.

So, a few reminders:
* Be careful what you install and where you get it! It could be an app you know, but it could be a compromised version of that application. Acquire applications from a reputable source.
* Be careful what links you click on. Think twice before you click on that link promising a funny picture.
* Have a good password on your phone – Hint: 1234 and 0000 are not good passwords. They will be the first a hacker or malware package will try.
* Turn off Bluetooth on your phone if you don’t use it or when you’re not using it.


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